COVID-19 Changes in Private Aviation

Private charter flights are not exclusively for the rich. Due to COVID-19, changes in private aviation have created a higher demand for utilitarian flights to help fight against the virus. Travelers are stranded in foreign countries; cities need medical supplies and travel is still necessary for essential workers.

COVID-19 Changes in Private Aviation
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Reasons to Fly Private

Reduced Exposure

Flyers want to avoid high traffic areas. Airports are where transmission can be highest with international travelers carrying the virus. Consequently, many travelers are opting to fly private. Private Jets allow travelers to avoid large groups of people and contact with airport staff.


As a result of flight and border restrictions, many travelers are having difficulty finding commercial flights home. Private aviation may be the answer. Similarly, private aviation has been used in the past to evacuate areas affected by hurricanes and other natural disasters to allow friends and families to escape safely together.

Medical Flights

Those located in remote areas without access to the proper medical care could result in the need for an emergency medical flight. In addition, organ transplants and other medical procedures still require fast and efficient transportation of personnel.

Special Accommodations

Safety above all, is the goal of Alliance Aviation. Some travelers may not feel safe flying extended time periods with the general public. Additional cleaning and safety documentation are an appeal during these trying times. Private aircrafts also allow ease of travel to those in a wheelchair or with bulkier medical equipment such as an oxygen tank.

COVID-19 Changes in Private Aviation
Contact the Alliance Aviation sales team to get a personalized quote today.

Cargo Flights

Due to the shortage in medical supplies, cargo flight demand has increased. Shipments of masks, medicine and hospital supplies are examples of some of the cargo on board.

Alliance Aviation has been diligent to note the COVID-19 changes in private aviation to ensure that each passenger’s safety is at the forefront. Contact the Fly Alliance Sales Team to get a personalized quote today.

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