Private Heavy Jets

Passenger Capacity: 10-14
Range: 7 Flight Hours
Popular Aircraft: Gulfstream IVSP/450, Challenger 604/605, Falcon 2000/900 Classic, LX, EASy

Heavy Jet CategoryThe iconic Gulfstream, Falcon and Challenger await.
Short Overview

The Heavy Jet category is ideal for our customers traveling with up to 14 passengers, over a long distance.  This category is made famous by manufactures like Gulfstream, Dassault and Bombardier.

Popular aircraft in this category include the Gulfstream IVSP, 450, Challenger 604/605, and the Falcon 2000/900 Classic, LX and EASy, to name a few.  The Heavy Jet Category boasts increased cabin size, range and amenities to follow for a best in class flight experience, most aircraft provide complimentary Wi-Fi, a mandatory cabin attendant and nonstop service across the country.

Inventory.  Whether flying as a charter customer, or a Jet Card member, our customers have access to a large network of Heavy Jets, including our own.  The Alliance Aviation Network is compromised predominantly of late model Heavy Jets, which permits our customers with “Complimentary Upgrades,” ensuring for a better flight experience.  Most Heavy Jets are equipped for 10-14 passengers and can fly in excess of 7 flight hours, so whether you are taking your business partners on a multi-city road show, or taking the family down to the islands over the holiday, upgrading to a Heavy Jet will certainly add to the experience.

Heavy Jet pricing is dependent upon availability and routing, pricing starts in the charter market around $9,000.00 an hour.  For our members looking for guaranteed service in a Heavy Jet, we offer fixed point-to-point pricing in the Gulfstream IVSP/450 at $10,895.00/hr.

Heavy Jet
Aircraft Name Cabin Height Cabin Width Cabin Length Cabin Volume Baggage Volume Internal Baggage Volume External Long Range Cruising Speed
Bombardier Challenger 6006.18.228.311461150401
Bombardier Challenger 6016.18.228.311461150425
Bombardier Challenger 6046.088.1728.411461150425
Bombardier Challenger 6056.088.1728.411461150425
Bombardier Challenger 6506.088.1728.411461150425
Bombardier Challenger 850 CS6.088.1748.421964100292425
Bombardier Challenger 870 CS6.198.2968.182527100415448
Bombardier Challenger 890 CS6.198.2980.852821100463448
Dassault Falcon 20006.27.731.210281340430
Dassault Falcon 9006.27.733.212701270428
Embraer Legacy 5006.06.8327.582329126440
Embraer Legacy 6006.06.9249.816562860424
Embraer Legacy 6506.06.9249.816562860425
Gulfstream G IV6.27.345.116561690445
Gulfstream G3006.27.345.116561690445
Gulfstream G3506.27.345.116581690445
Gulfstream G4006.27.345.116581690445
Gulfstream G4506.27.345.116581690445

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