Jet Card Membership 101

Interested in a jet card membership but unsure of how it works? Or what makes it the best option for you? In the simplest of terms, a jet card works like a gift or debit card. You purchase the number of hours you want to fly during the membership and as you book your flights, the hours are deducted from your balance.

Benefits of Membership

  • Guaranteed Availability – Had a last minute trip pop up? Not to worry, our AAG Memberships offer guaranteed availability within a certain time range. An aircraft can be ready for you and your party with as little as 8 hours notice in most cases.
  • Fixed, Guaranteed Cost – Because the membership has an hourly rate locked in, you can rest easy that your flights will have fixed point-to-point pricing no matter the distance.
  • Age of Aircraft – Guaranteed 2000 or newer

Things to Consider

  • Number of hours – Most programs run in increments of 25 hours. To determine how many hours work best for you, it helps to review the number of hours you’ve flown in the previous 1-2 years and to consider any unexpected events that might require travel during your membership. There are no limits on the number of memberships or hours that you can purchase in a year though so even if you end up with too few hours, you can always purchase another membership. Please note, our memberships are fully customizable, so you can purchase exactly what you need.
  • Aircraft Category – Most memberships will base your hourly rate on the aircraft category you select; light, mid, super-mid & heavy. To best determine which category you will need, review the trips that you expect to take during the membership. Will you be traveling alone for short distances? Will you be taking business partners and executives with you? Perhaps you’re flying longer distances with family and friends. Determining how many people you expect to travel with and what you need in a jet will help make sure that you purchase into the correct category.
  • Peak Season – Make sure when considering a membership, that you determine if peak travel dates are included. Many programs restrict the use of jet card hours during their peak travel dates. If that’s the case for the program that you are considering, make sure to review your travel needs to ensure that your expected travel won’t fall over those dates.

An Alliance Aviation jet card membership can provide all of these benefits and be an invaluable tool for your travel needs. If you think this might be right for you, give our Sales team a call and receive a personalized review of which membership level is in your best interest.

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