Soar to Super Bowl LIV

Soaring to Super Bowl LIV

Soar to Super Bowl LIV this February and finally see the action for yourself. With Alliance Aviation Group, experience travel with ease and comfort rather than the hassle of flying commercial.

NFL’s 100th season comes to an end this Super Bowl, in Miami for the 11th time. The Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL will be hosting the event. Super Bowl LIV will be taking place on February 2nd of 2020. The Hard Rock Stadium is expected to have 65,000 attendees. 150,000 people are expected to travel to Miami as a result of the Super Bowl.

The teams for Super Bowl LIV have yet to be determined. The top 4 contenders however include: The Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers and The Green bay Packers. Free concerts, tailgates and other live events are drawing in crowds by the thousands.

The much buzzed about halftime show is to include Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. The show is highly anticipated especially due to the heavy influence of Latin culture in Miami. With an estimated 98.2 million viewers, Super Bowl LIV is one of the most anticipated events of the year.

Availability is running out quickly! Contact our sales team to get a personalized quote today and soar to Super Bowl LIV!

US Taxes for Private Jet Charters

US Taxes for Private Jet Charters

When flying private you may think that only US jets have to pay US taxes. However taxes are applicable for all charter flights that enter or leave the United States. Even some international flights, such as in Canada and Mexico are subject to tax collection if within 225 miles of the United States border. It is essential to know taxes for private jet charters, as these can consequently increase total cost.

What are the Taxes For Private Jets

There are four different taxes that apply to private jet charters in the United States. Federal Excise Tax (FET), Domestic Segment Fees ($4.20) , International Head Tax($18.60) and Hawaii/ Alaska Head Tax($9.30). FET Taxes are charged based on all costs of air transportation. These costs include: other taxes, repositioning, landing fees, and crew expenses. FET taxes differ depending on the type of cargo. Transporting Passengers results in a 7.5% FET tax, while only 6.25% is charged for the transportation of property. Domestic Segment Fees are charges per person per occupied leg for flights in the United States. This fee is typically $8.00 per person. The operator of the aircraft is responsible for executing this charge.

International Head taxes are additional fees charged by international entities. Hawaii/ Alaska head taxes are additional taxes charged based on flights from and to that area. Therefore, it is important to consider these factors.

FET Tax Exemptions

Small Aircrafts of 6,000 pounds or less that do not regularly travel between definite points are therefore exempt from FET taxes. International flights that are stopping in the United States just to refuel and continue to an international destination are likewise FET tax exempt. Additionally, portions of flights that fly over international waters are FET exempt during that leg of the flight.

Domestic Segment Fee Exceptions

When a leg of the charter flight is to or from a rural airport, then the domestic segment fee is not applicable. A rural airport is one in which less than 100,000 passengers depart on commercial flights during the calendar year.

To avoid having to think about these tax headaches obtain an Alliance Aviation jet card membership. We will provide a stress free travel experience this holiday season and for all of your future trips. Contact our sales team to get a personalized quote today.

Featured Destination: Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica

Four Seasons in Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica

This holiday season take a break from the cold and fly to Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica!

Alliance Aviation group creates more than incredible private charter experiences. We can custom tailor your trip to include ground transportation, accommodations, and more to ensure ease of travel to your destination. This enticing tropical getaway showcases Peninsula Papagayo, located on the north Pacific coast of Costa Rica. With 11 miles of coastline and 13 miles of wildlife trails entertainment, adventure and above all relaxation are sure to be on the horizon.

Four Seasons Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica

In addition to the incredible views and quality of service at The Four Seasons, this resort accommodates over 6 restaurants with personalized culinary experiences. You will be similarly impressed by 4 resort style pools, your wellness concierge and water sports for all ages.

Four Seasons guest room Bathroom in Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica

Your Perfect Golf Getaway

Spend a beautiful afternoon golfing in the lush landscape of an Arnold Palmer designed golf course. Overlook the shimmering waters of Bahia de Culebra as you play a par-72 Championship course.

Golf Course in Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica

Relaxing Catamaran Cruise

Bask in the sun and unwind on a beautiful catamaran ride. Snorkel, swim or just relax as you coast through these dazzling waters. In addition to day excursions enjoy and evening cruise to spot marine life as the sun sets.

Surfing in Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica

Whether you are an expert or a novice enjoy the waves and try an afternoon of surfing. We will accommodate surfing lessons and rentals to feature incredible locations to surf such as Witches Rock and Ollies Point.

Volcanic Views

View the incredible Arenal Volcano towering at 5,437 feet. Although currently in a resting phase, this volcano once reached 41 eruptions a day. Dip your toes into thermal hot springs and discover awe inspiring adventure.

Whether you are pursuing a weekend of relaxation on the beach or an adventure through the lush outdoors our Fly Alliance Concierge Team is ready to assist.

Flying Safely in the Snow

aircraft on a snowy runway

Alliance Aviation Group always puts safety above all when flying the skies, but have you ever wondered how an aircraft can take off and operate safely in the snow? There are essential safety considerations to take into account to ensure functionality of an aircraft when it is cold or snowing.

Snow, slush and ice are safety hazards that can reduce lift as much as 30%. These factors therefore raise drag by 40% consequently increasing the distance an aircraft needs to take off. As a result, de-icing and anti-icing are necessary solutions to prevent these negative effects.

De-Icing to Safely Fly in the Snow

The first step in removing ice, snow and slush is to heat a propylene glycol solution to approximately 150 degrees Fahrenheit and to pressure spray the aircraft to blast off “contaminants.” This solution -called Type I- is combined with water, the ratio depending on the weather conditions and automatically adjusted in response to weather sensors. Type 1 fluid is very slippery and typically sprayed at a 45-degree angle to avoid direct surface contact as well as windows.

This may sound like a labor-intensive process, however in more frigid conditions, de-icing alone is not enough and anti-icing must be applied as a result.


Secondly, the anti-Icing process involves a thicker, unheated fluid called Type IV, which smells similar to maple syrup. Applying Type IV prevents ice and debris from adhering to a de-iced surface of the aircraft for a longer period of time than Type I due to the absence of water in the fluid.

“Think of it like a baby diaper,” said Gene Herrick, head of American Airlines’ de-icing operations at ORD. “The anti-ice chemicals absorb water and prevent the water from sticking to the wing.”

Due to this process the external airflow is turned off so as not to circulate chemicals through the air in the cabin. You may think after all this work that the anti-icing fluid will remain on the plane until touchdown at your destination, however through the takeoff process most of the fluid is already gone and by 1.000 ft above the ground there is none left. 

How Much Time Do Pilots Have?

“Holdover time” describes the amount of time between spraying the fluid and takeoff that the de-icing will remain effective. De-icing fluid lasts up to 22-minutes as its main purpose is to remove debris from the onset, while in contrast anti-icing functions for longer periods of time up to 160 minutes depending on weather conditions. Holdover times are also determined through visibility of snow build up. Heating pads that melt falling snow also measure precipitation and even use mobile apps.

Pilots Flying Safely in the Snow

The Pilot in Command — the captain of the aircraft — has the final say as to whether to depart after de-icing and/or anti-icing as well as what the holdover time will be. If the plane has not yet departed and holdover time is exceeded the captain has a choice to repeat the de-icing process or to visually inspect the aircraft. The visual inspection requires the first officer to walk the cabin, which can create some anxiety among passengers so it is essential to make a calm announcement before the commencement of the inspection to maintain peace of mind.

While de-icing and anti-icing may seem like an inconvenient delay it is an essential safety component that allows us to safely fly through the soar through the skies in frigid weather. Book with us today and fly home for the holidays with Alliance Aviation.

Aircraft flying safely in the snow

Alliance Aviation Group Partners with Tasca Racing

Alliance Aviation Group has partnered with one of the most exciting teams in the NHRA, Tasca Racing. Driver Bob Tasca III and his Ford Motorcaft/Quick Lane Mustang team are currently 5th in the series standings heading into the end of the season.

With a total of eight career wins, teaming up with Tasca Racing was a natural fit for the private aviation firm that specializes in delivering wins for their clients every day. The partnership has already provided excitement for the firm. Tasca took 2nd place at the AAA Texas NHRA Fall Nationals last weekend.

“We are privileged to see our brand in the motor racing space and look forward to finishing the 2019 season with the Tasca Racing team,” said Kevin Wargo, Alliance Aviation Group CEO.

With two races left and the championship on the line, there could not be a better time to see Alliance’s logo flying down the track.

Make sure to catch the action in Las Vegas this weekend for the Dodge NHRA Nationals Present by Pennzoil. The following weekend, Tasca shoots for greatness in Pomona in the Auto Club NHRA Finals.

Want to take in the action in person? Alliance can get you there in comfort and luxury. Contact our sales team to get a personalized quote today.

Jet Card Membership 101

Interested in a jet card membership but unsure of how it works? Or what makes it the best option for you? In the simplest of terms, a jet card works like a gift or debit card. You purchase the number of hours you want to fly during the membership and as you book your flights, the hours are deducted from your balance.

Benefits of Membership

  • Guaranteed Availability – Had a last minute trip pop up? Not to worry, our AAG Memberships offer guaranteed availability within a certain time range. An aircraft can be ready for you and your party with as little as 8 hours notice in most cases.
  • Fixed, Guaranteed Cost – Because the membership has an hourly rate locked in, you can rest easy that your flights will have fixed point-to-point pricing no matter the distance.
  • Age of Aircraft – Guaranteed 2000 or newer

Things to Consider

  • Number of hours – Most programs run in increments of 25 hours. To determine how many hours work best for you, it helps to review the number of hours you’ve flown in the previous 1-2 years and to consider any unexpected events that might require travel during your membership. There are no limits on the number of memberships or hours that you can purchase in a year though so even if you end up with too few hours, you can always purchase another membership. Please note, our memberships are fully customizable, so you can purchase exactly what you need.
  • Aircraft Category – Most memberships will base your hourly rate on the aircraft category you select; light, mid, super-mid & heavy. To best determine which category you will need, review the trips that you expect to take during the membership. Will you be traveling alone for short distances? Will you be taking business partners and executives with you? Perhaps you’re flying longer distances with family and friends. Determining how many people you expect to travel with and what you need in a jet will help make sure that you purchase into the correct category.
  • Peak Season – Make sure when considering a membership, that you determine if peak travel dates are included. Many programs restrict the use of jet card hours during their peak travel dates. If that’s the case for the program that you are considering, make sure to review your travel needs to ensure that your expected travel won’t fall over those dates.

An Alliance Aviation jet card membership can provide all of these benefits and be an invaluable tool for your travel needs. If you think this might be right for you, give our Sales team a call and receive a personalized review of which membership level is in your best interest.

Book Your Holiday Travel Now

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holiday travel season! Fly Alliance and let the stress of planning your upcoming travel melt away.

Trotting your way over to Mom’s delicious turkey? Racing over the river and through the wood’s to dinner at Grandma’s house? Avoiding Jack Frost and heading to warm sands and clear blue waters?

Let us figure out the logistics and get you there in ultra-comfort and luxury.

Hops & Happily Ever After

Enjoy a Hops & Happily Ever After tour in Munich, Germany. On your 4 day experience, you will be immersed in the region’s rich history and culture, step into a fairy tale and take part in the timeless tradition of Oktoberfest!

Day 1:

Check in to the five-diamond AAA rated Mandarin Oriental Munich. This amenity-rich hotel sits at the heart of Old Town. Enjoy your Corner Suite with the 180° view provided by the five windows in the circular bedroom atop the hotel’s corner tower.

Revel in the culinary mastery of a five- or eight-course meal at the Michelin-rated Tantris.

After that, top off the night with contemporary twists on classic cocktails at the hotel’s signature bar, Ory.

Day 2:

Start your day off right with a personal trainer who will guide you through the perfect workout to gear up for the day.

Take your reserved seats in a viewing stand and watch the flower-draped floats and Munich brewery carts during the parade of the Weisn landlords. This tradition leads into “O’zapft is!”, the ceremonial tapping that officially opens Oktoberfest.

Enjoy reserved seating in one of the many big festival tents where you will indulge in various brews. Make sure to also enjoy some gingerbread Lebkuchen hearts, participate in the festivities and mingle with the locals.

Day 3:

Enjoy a delectable breakfast while you watch the sun rise over Munich from the comfort of your room.

After a relaxing start to your day, take in a picturesque two-hour drive through the Bavarian Alps. Make your way to the home of Neuschwanstein Castle, a location straight out of fairy tales. The Castle was also Walt’s inspiration for Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland.

Arrive for your tour of the Castle by horse-drawn carriage and marvel at the breathtaking beauty and history of King Ludwig II’s home.

Wind down your day with a diverse culinary menu fit for royalty at Louis II before heading back to Munich to dream of your own personal fairy tale.

Day 4:

Round out your trip with a day of strolling and shopping down the Maximillianstrasse where you can upgrade to the newest Cartier watch; round out your Hermes collection or sport a fresh pair of Jimmy Choo’s.

Ready to take this trip of a lifetime? No need for a fairy godmother, our Concierge Services Team can brew up the arrangements for you!

Disney VIP Experience

Enjoy a 4-day Disney VIP Experience in Orlando, filled with the perfect amount of relaxation, adventure, and family fun!

Day 1:

Check into the Four Seasons Orlando Resort, a 5-diamond AAA hotel, conveniently located centrally to the Disney World action, but with all of the seclusion and peacefulness you need. Enjoy your luxurious Park View Suite, where you’ll find special treats for your family and in-room decorations/celebrations for the kids.

Indulge at Capa, the resort’s elegant restaurant rated among the Best 100 Wine Restaurants in the US.  

Experience the Magic Kingdom fireworks show from your own balcony suite with room service desserts!

Day 2:

Spend the day with your own personal tour guide at any of the four great Disney World parks. The Disney VIP Experience will give you extra magic hours, Fastpass+ to avoid all of the busy lines, and a guide that can answer all of your magical questions!

We suggest beginning your day at Hollywood Studios, where you can see Disney’s newest additions – Toy Story Land and the extremely anticipated Galaxy’s Edge. Enjoy meeting all of your favorite characters and experiencing the thrilling rides and talented shows.

End your day’s adventures at Epcot, where after seeing all that the World Showcase has to offer, enjoy a tasting menu at Disney’s newest restaurant, Takumi-Tei, located in Epcot’s Japan. But the excitement doesn’t stop there! Finish the day with premium viewing areas during Epcot’s famous fireworks show.

Day 3:

Begin the day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, on an exclusive and adventurous 3-hour behind the scenes safari tour, the Wild Africa Trek.

Wrap up your Disney experience at the iconic Magic Kingdom, with crowd-favorite rides like Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and Splash Mountain. Take the monorail to the top of the Contemporary Resort, where you can indulge at the award-winning California Grill, with delicious cocktails, exquisite cuisine, and beautiful views of the parks.

Day 4:

After 2 days of walking, your family will deserve some relaxation! Spend the day back at the Four Seasons. Start the morning with a round of golf at the Tom Fazio-designed Tranquilo Golf Course. Splash around at the Explorer Island 5-acre waterpark, filled with water slides and lazy rivers. Or for the ultimate relaxation, treat yourself to a couple’s massage or a mother/daughter facial. Most importantly, soak up the family time, reminiscing on your favorite parts of the trip while you plan your next time to Orlando!

So, are you ready to plan your trip? Contact one of our Concierge Service Team Members to book your Orlando Experience!

lake coeur d alene bald eagle

Featured Destination: Coeur D’Alene, Idaho

This summer, take a trip to one of the West Coast’s hidden gems – Coeur D’Alene, Idaho! Located in northwest Idaho, 30 miles from Spokane, Lake Coeur D’Alene represents the epitome of beauty and relaxation and will provide a peaceful respite from your busy life. No matter how you spend your weekend, you won't be disappointed with a trip to Coeur D'Alene, and it is sure to become one of your favorite weekend getaways!

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